Friday, November 12, 2010


I have been accused of being nostalgic of the past before, now maybe this is because my own personal style does incorporate some very classic elements, such as the fact that I wear a lot of trilbies and fedoras.
Or maybe it is because I ‘m very polite and courteous, but I am in fact a very Modern Man, like most of my generation I am always plugged in or ’connected’, I check Facebook at least four times a day, usually more.
I take photo’s with a digital camera, edit them digitally and up load them to photography sights and of course Facebook..

I already have a blog that is about thing I like and do, but I kept finding myself in situations where I wanted to just write a rant.

An that is why this blog is here, I don’t mind if no reads it, I just like a place to make observations.

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